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Apr 21, 2021
Following a successful funding round and product launch in Q1, Arca adds a Chief Operating Officer, Head of Content, and Head of Growth for Arca Labs
Los Angeles, CA – April 21, 2021 – Arca, a digital assets investment firm that blends traditional finance with cutting edge blockchain technology, today announced a series of strategic new senior hires. Joining the company are: Anthony Bufinsky as Head of Growth for Arca Labs, the company’s innovation division, Michael Dershewitz as Arca Fund’s Chief Operating Officer, and Sarah Legenza Macedonio as Head of Content.

“As the digital asset industry continues to rapidly evolve, sophisticated investors require an enhanced level of knowledge and more refined products” said Rayne Steinberg, CEO for Arca.  “With their deep expertise in both traditional financial services and fintech, Anthony, Michael and Sarah are committed to furthering our mission, and bring unparalleled credentials to do so. As Arca continues to double-down on investor education efforts and product expansion, we remain laser-focused on being a trusted and innovative partner to our clients and the industry. ”

Anthony Bufinsky will join as Head of Growth for Arca Labs, Arca’s Innovation Division, where he will focus on implementing use cases for ArCoin and the Arca US Treasury Fund as well as growing AUM of the Fund. His experiences and relationships in traditional finance, DeFi and digital securities enables him to directly assess the needs of the marketplace and to provide solutions using ArCoin and other blockchain based asset management products.  He will be focusing on Banking, Insurance, Treasury Management and the Digital Asset markets.  Anthony recently served as Managing Director ConsenSys Digital Securities LLC. Prior to ConsenSys, he was Director of Institutional Sales and Special Projects at Securrency and Investment Director at Kaizen Corporation.

Michael Dershewitz, Arca Fund’s new Chief Operating Officer, will be pivotal in creating a playbook to increase the company’s actively-managed funds’ capacity to scale, launch products and increase distribution channels. An industry veteran in both finance and technology, Michael joined from Amazon where he was the General Manager of Amazon’s lending business and a member of the Corporate Development Team.  Prior to that he held senior roles with traditional financial services firms including Chief Credit Officer/Chief Operating Officer for Promontory Local Credit, and Portfolio Manager, Head of Investment Research at Brencourt Advisors.

As Head of Content, Sarah Legenza Macedonio will be integral in enhancing and amplifying Arca's education arm, geared towards sophisticated investors who want to learn more about digital assets. Her experience launching both traditional and digital asset products in previous roles will be critical in translating crypto knowledge into the language and concepts finance experts understand. With more than a decade of finance and digital assets experience, she most recently served in Marketing/Commercial Operations for Lukka, Inc., and was Director of Marketing and Operations for SenaHill Partners, LP.

About Arca
Arca is an asset management firm investing and innovating in digital assets. Our mission is to offer high-quality asset management products that meet the operational, compliance, legal, and regulatory standards needed for sophisticated investors to gain exposure to digital assets. Arca’s product set includes actively-managed hedge funds, passive vehicles and first-to-market blockchain transferred funds (“BTFs”), developed by our innovation division, Arca Labs.  BTFs issue shares via the blockchain, which integrates blockchain’s peer-to-peer technology and instant settlement features with traditional investment vehicles. Arca’s founders and senior team members have worked in traditional finance and FinTech across all asset classes and are working to bring the best of traditional finance practices to digital assets to deliver the right product to the right investor at the right time. Learn more about Arca: 
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An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund before investing. This and other information is available in the Fund’s prospectus, which should be reviewed carefully prior to investing. To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-800-445-3148.
An investment in the Fund involves risk including loss of principal. An investment in the Fund is suitable only for investors who can bear the risks associated with limited liquidity in the shares and the uncertainty of emerging technologies, and should be viewed as a long-term investment.
Other risks specifically associated with the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund are detailed in the prospectus and include no history of operations risk, conflict of interest risk, interval fund risk, no minimum amount of proceeds risk, fund closure risk, liquidity risk, tax related risks, credit and non-payment risk, interest rate risk, portfolio management risk, market risk, call risk, valuation risk and issuer risk.  
The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund will be one of the first registered funds to offer digital securities and there are additional risks associated with this feature of the fund, including regulatory risk, liquidity risk, emerging technology risk, operational and technology risk, and risks specifically associated with the Ethereum blockchain. There is the risk that management may be unable to successfully use blockchain technology to validate ownership and transfer ArCoin.
Arca Capital Management, LLC “Arca” serves as adviser to the Arca US Treasury Fund, distributed by UMB Distribution Services, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Arca and UMB are not affiliated.




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