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2022 Digital Asset Industry Outlook

Arca's industry experts provide their insights and outlook for the new year
Open Letter from Arca CEO, Rayne Steinberg
The digital asset ecosystem is characterized by the interaction, interplay, and organization of a variety of forces. Its decentralized nature allows for the alignment of incredibly diverse people and organizations. It is the ultimate marketplace of ideas where its myriad of disparate inputs makes the ecosystem robust and innovative. This also makes it incredibly difficult to predict and interpret, requiring a measured look from multiple disciplines including finance, capital markets, technology, legal, and regulatory, to name a few. In an industry as new as this, collaboration from dissimilar and often contrasting viewpoints is welcomed and crucial to its success.
The team at Arca has been assembled with this in mind. A team whose skills and knowledge are as diverse as the world of digital assets. Diversity of knowledge is not enough though. For a team to truly be great, there has to be excellence at each position and an organizing structure that aligns the various players for maximum effect.
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