Digital Asset Types
and Valuations

Learn how traditional valuation methods apply to digital assets.

Digital Asset Valuation

How to Value DeFi Incentive
Tokens in Bear Markets

On August 3, 2022 Arca’s Director of Research Katie Talati was joined by Research Associate Alex Woodard to walk through:

An examination of DeFi incentive tokens – how they work, what they incentivize, and their sustainability
Arca’s valuation model that identifies token incentive impacts on business core metrics
How to find fair value in fluid DeFi tokens
Token incentive effects during varying economic conditions

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Hosted by Peter Hans, Chief of Strategy

Digital Asset Investing:
How to Value Crypto Assets Webinar Replay

Discover the current digital asset landscape to understand the need for unique valuation methods. Hear from our industry experts as they discuss investment valuation techniques for varying digital asset sectors.

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Hosted by Peter Hans, Chief of Strategy

Jeff Dorman, CIO & Co-Founder
Katie Talati, Head of Research
Alex Woodard, Research Associate
Nick Hotz, Research Associate

Going Beyond Crypto
Exploring the Different Types of Digital Assets
 The digital asset ecosystem lacks a comprehensive framework and is rife with undefined and jumbled terminology. Arca developed an asset classification system to help professional investors navigate the growing market of tokens. The varying governance structures, bodies, and methods of value accrual described in our outline highlight the expanded functionality and opportunity of digital assets. We believe that digitization underpins all asset classes, and this infographic provides a mapping of traditional assets into our digital asset taxonomy. This is how we define the digital asset universe.  

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Walkthrough of Arca's
Digital Asset Classification

Download Our Digital
Asset Taxonomy
Digital Assets Explained
Read Chief Strategy Officer Peter Hans’s contributed thought leadership piece, Digital Assets Explained, on for more insight into the classification and explanation of digital assets.

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