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Blockchain Transferred
Fund (BTFs)

Blockchain transferred funds (BTFs) are the first registered '40 Act fund to issue shares as digital asset securities. This solution incorporates blockchain technology into the traditional pooled investment fund structure, regulated under the '40 Act. BTFs represent the next generation of investment vehicles that we believe will revolutionize the global financial system. In 2018, Arca Labs–Arca’s innovation division–analyzed the financial landscape and considered products and processes that blockchain technology could improve. From this analysis emerged the BTF structure.


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Blockchain Transferred Funds (BTFs):
The New Frontier for Investment Funds

Discover the next iteration of pooled investment vehicles for professional investors.


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Learn more about the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund, the blockchain transferred fund’s proof of concept that issues its shares as digital asset securities called ArCoin.

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Arca industry experts were joined by leaders from Coalition Greenwich and State Street to discuss the next iteration of investment vehicles: the blockchain transferred fund (BTF).


Between2Chains: The Future of Digital Asset Securities

Mutual Fund and ETF Comparison
Blockchains Decentralized and Distrubuted Technology
40 Act Traditional Regulatory Requirements
Security Issuance and Transaction Process
Blockchain Transferred Funds Timeline
Investment Fund Timeline
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Tokenization FAQs

Learn how securities can be tokenized and what value that brings to investors.


Explore potential use-cases and users of BTFs.

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Important Information
This fund is an interval closed-end fund.
An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund before investing. This and other information is available in the Fund’s prospectus, which should be reviewed carefully prior to investing.
To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-888-526-1997.
Fund Risks
You may not have access to the money you invest for an extended period of time. • You may not be able to sell your shares at the time or in the quantity of your choosing regardless of how the Fund performs. • Investors should understand that the Fund’s shares are not currently listed on or available for trading through a national securities exchange or any other exchange, and a market for trading on an exchange may never be available to investors. Except for individually negotiated peer-to-peer transactions, there is currently no secondary market for ArCoins, and no such market is expected to develop. • Because you may not be able to sell your shares at the time or in the quantity of your choosing, you may not be able to reduce your exposure to the Fund in a market downturn. • An investment in the Fund may not be suitable for investors who may need the money they invested in a specified timeframe. • The amount of any distributions the Fund may pay is uncertain. There is no assurance that
the Fund will maintain a particular level of distributions, nor is there any guarantee that the Fund will make distributions at any particular time. • Due to the emerging nature of blockchain use in securities transactions, the Fund anticipates that (other than monthly repurchase offers as described below) there will initially be limited to no liquidity in ArCoins due to low or no volume in peer-to-peer transactions. Investors should therefore initially expect greater price volatility in the secondary market than would be the case if the shares had greater liquidity. • The Fund will not invest, directly or indirectly, in digital assets, including digital securities. • Although shareholders can engage in peer-to-peer transactions using blockchain technology, the Transfer Agent will maintain the official record of the Fund’s shareholders.
Arca Capital Management, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arca Labs LLC, serves as adviser to the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund, which is distributed by UMB Distribution Services, Member FINRA/SIPC. Arca and UMB are not affiliated.