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Learn from like-minded institutional innovators as they discuss blockchain benefits, how and what to tokenize, and the impacts of tokenization. Tokenization Talks provides an institutional viewpoint for businesses embracing and applying the emerging technology to seek continuous growth.



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Explore varying tokenization strategies, digital asset approaches, and learn ways to help integrate blockchain into your business.

Tokenization Annelise
About The Host

Annelise Osborne is the Head of Institutional for Arca Labs. In her role, Annelise works with companies to drive blockchain innovation through strategic partnerships and advisory services. Annelise joins Arca with over 20 years of experience in finance, credit, real estate, risk, product structuring, governance, and digital assets.

She previously worked in the digital asset space as COO of Propellr and spent 12 years at Moody's Investor Service managing commercial real estate teams within the structured finance group. Annelise holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The College of William and Mary.

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Tokenization Talks Frontier Risk Assets:
The Next Generation of Personal Alternatives

Featuring: Sandy Kaul, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton

In this episode, Annelise is joined by Sandy Kaul, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton, for the launch of Tokenization Talks. Learn about how tokenized alternative investments expand and create unique economic value that align with your personal values, and provide utility such as access to clubs, events, opportunities or information.


Arca Labs LLC does not provide investment advice. These discussions are provided for general informational purposes only, and are not solicitations or offers to sell securities or investment advisory services.