Founded in 2018, Arca aims to be a leading financial institution in the digital asset space.

Arca consists of Arca Investments, our asset management arm, and Arca Labs, our innovation division.

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Asset Management

Our investment arm* provides exposure to digital tokens and equity of blockchain companies that offer unique risk/reward characteristics and asymmetric return potential.

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Our product innovation arm is focused on harnessing the power of blockchain technology to create better, faster, and more accessible investment products.


Our Vision:

We believe that blockchain technology will underpin all asset classes in the future, initiating a more democratized financial system. We aim to lead this digital transformation with educational resources, investable products, and responsible innovation for the betterment of finance.

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*Arca Investments is comprised of two SEC registered investment advisers: Arca Capital Management (adviser to our registered ‘40 Act fund) and Arca Investment Management (adviser to Arca’s private funds).