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Rayne Steinberg
Chief Executive Officer
Rayne has a rich history of financial and entrepreneurial success with nearly two decades of experience. Rayne holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business.

Inflation will increase.

The excessive money printing and the instability of our centralized government has led to a deterioration in confidence for our traditional systems. Blockchain generally, and Bitcoin specifically, offer people an alternative to the dollar in terms of a store of value. Now that economic activity is picking up, excess dollars in the system are starting to drive prices up across the board.

There will be a degradation of trust in financial institutions.

Historically, financial institutions have represented trust and stability, promoting societal confidence in our economic system. Blockchain and digital assets allow people alternatives to incumbent financial service offerings. This, coupled, with increasingly common shortcomings from traditional financial institutions, will continue to erode their authority.

ESG will spread beyond investments.


Environmental, social, and governance have been widely discussed and adopted this year, as investors are taking an active role in the deployment of their money. 

ESG is a personal and community interest that extends far beyond investments. We will see ESG principles applied to an increasingly broad spectrum of people’s lives, including health, transportation, and entertainment.

The birth of a digital entity.

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, have opened our eyes to how decentralization can be applied to, not just entities, but labor organization and government. Virtual entities created by a common goal have already debuted, such as Massive Open Online Courses. This type of open, accessible structure will develop further to incorporate decentralized governance with ownership tokens.

The paid-to-learn landscape will evolve.


The enormous amount of money and bad outcomes that accompany our efforts around education are biased and unsustainable. Blockchain technology enables all individuals equal access to education and provides for an impartial evaluation of talent. Consequently, skilled individuals will be paid to learn, flipping the current system on its head.

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