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Comprehension and Education

Sumana Maitra
Chief Marketing Officer
Sumana has more than a decade of marketing experience, focusing on the entire customer experience from brand awareness to retention. Sumana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economies of Industrial Societies from University of California, Berkeley.

Digital asset terminology will become standardized.

According to the recent Crypto Literacy Survey, all but 2% of survey participants across the US, Mexico and Brazil failed to score 60% or better on a quiz of basic concepts related to bitcoin, stablecoins and NFTs. We believe companies are going to prioritize educational initiatives to remove this barrier of entry. Information continues to remain disparate, and we believe as the ecosystem matures, terminologies and concepts will become standardized, thereby making it easier for people to understand digital assets.

Traditional financial companies will offer digital assets education.

Traditional financial firms are responding to an increased appetite for digital assets from their clients. As a result, they will start to publish blockchain and digital asset research reports and educational content to showcase their knowledge and support their clients’ needs. This will be followed by the creation of complementary products for their wealth management clients in 1-2 years.

Blockchain and digital asset career paths will emerge.


Colleges and universities are starting to offer blockchain and digital asset courses. Whether in engineering, law, business or another area of study, students are going to specialize in blockchain and digital assets for their profession. In fact, some high schools are starting to teach concepts such as how NFTs work, further solidifying that digital assets and blockchain are the future.

Digital asset exposure will no longer be binary.


The intricacies of institutional digital asset exposure have surpassed the bucketing of investments into, “yes I have exposure” or  “or no I do not have exposure.” Investors will start to look for educational resources to better understand what level of exposure they have per digital asset and how that affects their larger portfolio. Many of these firms are hiring analysts whose sole focus is to research digital assets opportunities.

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2022 Digital Assets Outlook- Comprehension and Education- Sumana Maitra

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