What's Driving Token Prices? January 24, 2024

Katie Talati
Jan 24, 2024

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  • ORCA (-17%) - Solana-based decentralized exchange, Orca, implemented a governance change last week that turned on the DEX’s fee switch. For context, most DEXs (which are forks of Uniswap) have a built-in “fee switch” or piece of code that has the ability to siphon off fees from liquidity providers in order to give to the DAO, token holders, or other parties. In the case of Orca, a governance vote was needed in order to activate the fee switch within the 3-year-old protocol. The newly implemented 12% fee will be funneled to Orca’s DAO treasury which is expected to bring in $30M over the next year to the DAO at current levels. 
  • SUI (-3%) - Yesterday, Mysten Labs, the for-profit entity developing the Sui blockchain, announced a set of new features to support SUI ecosystem developers with support from Alibaba Cloud. Specifically, Mysten Labs is developing an AI-assisted tool to help developers write code in the Move programming language using natural language prompts. In addition, Alibaba Cloud will support incubators and demo day events for projects building on Sui and offer full node services on Sui.
  • FXS (+10.9%) - Last week, DeFi conglomerate, Frax, announced the launch of its Frax Bonds (FXB) product. FXBs are zero coupon bonds issued by the Frax project and will be paid out in FRAX stablecoins at maturity. Those who purchase the bonds do so via a gradual Dutch auction design. The protocol plans to use the proceeds from the bonds to invest in a combination of U.S. Treasuries, overnight repo agreements, USD, and money market funds, with a small slice used to invest in various DeFi strategies to enhance the overall yield. FXBs are designed to mirror the rate paid on U.S. Treasuries and should be a more convenient investment tool as FXBs  will be available to use across all of DeFi. 
  • ONDO (+48.5%) - Last week, real-world asset tokenization protocol, Ondo Finance, released a token, $ONDO,  which will primarily serve as the governance token for Ondo DAO. Since its inception in 2021, Ondo Finance has managed to amass $188M in TVL. The protocol’s main business line enables users to invest their stablecoins in tokenized bond products represented by a mixture of U.S. Treasuries, short-duration investment-grade bonds, and high-yield corporate bonds. Users are able to trade these products on-chain while having exposure to the underlying real-world assets. Following the release of its token, ONDO was listed on Coinbase, Huobi/HTX, and Bybit, for trading. Finally, the project announced its expansion plans to the APAC region allowing investors exposure to U.S. securities.

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