Ethereum’s Gradual Approach to Enduring Value

Peter Hans
Apr 14, 2023

The upcoming 'Shanghai' upgrade will enable users to access their staked ETH and rewards at any time.

Most economic progress can be attributed to technological advancements like the printing press, steam engines, computers and the internet. Blockchain technology—a profound network that can improve value transfer and human productivity—may be the next driver of business innovation and financial evolution. Ethereum—one of the most actively used blockchain networks with the second biggest cryptocurrency (ETH) by market cap and average daily volume—will undergo its first major update since The Merge in September 2022. The upcoming Shanghai upgrade will introduce highly anticipated improvements that could yield more investment flexibility.

Ethereum is an interesting blockchain for developers, users and investors. The network provides a foundation for developing innovative applications and services while ensuring high security, flexibility and scalability. It was one of the first mainstream blockchains to incorporate smart contracts, and as a host to dApps, it enabled DeFi, Web3 and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). In addition, developers flocked to the chain because of efficient, secure hosting capabilities. 

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