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Our portfolio team takes advantage of the inefficiencies in the market and utilizes the decentralized financial tools that make the crypto ecosystem work.

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Actively-Managed Funds

We believe actively managed hedge funds are the best way to address the volatility, immaturity, and rapidly changing nature of crypto as an investment asset. Our portfolio team takes a long-term approach to investing while also taking advantage of the day-to-day inefficiencies in the market.

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The Arca Advantage

Experienced Risk Managers

Our seasoned portfolio team has experience managing money across several different asset classes in volatile markets. Our fundamental risk management philosophy is to look at how low a security can go, and mitigate downside risk.

Global Macro Strategy

Our funds analyze global economic events and asset classes in combination with crypto-specific events. We also look at emerging markets and trends in the technology sector to identify areas of growth.

Bottom Up Security Analysis

We believe that tokens are both securities and tech products. Therefore, our thesis-driven security-by-security analysis includes a thorough technical vetting that evaluates the strength of a protocol and underlying infrastructure.

Institutional Caliber Operations

We partner with leading service providers to ensure that we have the procedures in place to protect and secure investors' cryptocurrency assets. We adhere to the strictest security, custodial, and regulatory standards.

Meet The Portfolio Team

The Arca team’s interdisciplinary expertise & knowledge base in both traditional finance and digital assets allow the team to properly source and analyze new opportunities.

Jeff Dorman

Jeff Dorman CFA

Chief Investment Officer,

Jeff Dorman is Chief Investment Officer at Arca. Jeff leads the investment committee and is responsible for portfolio sizing and risk management. Jeff has over 17 years of trading and asset management experience at leading firms, including Merrill Lynch and Citadel, where he oversaw trading of over $100 million in proprietary capital. Jeff also served as COO of Harvest Exchange, a FinTech company that is widely used by asset managers and investors. Jeff is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Katie Talati

Katie Talati

Director of Research

Katie Talati is Director of Research at Arca and leads the investment research team.  Katie identifies and analyzes digital asset and blockchain opportunities, investment structures, and macroeconomic influencers for the company's suite of actively-managed funds. She has extensive experience analyzing and interpreting equity crowdfunding and venture capital within the technology sector. Previously, Katie served on the portfolio team at Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from The University of California, Los Angeles.

Hassan Bassiri

Hassan Bassiri CFA

Portfolio Manager

Hassan Bassiri is a Portfolio Manager and is responsible for research, due diligence, asset selection, sizing/allocation, portfolio composition, valuation, and trade execution for the Arca Digital Asset Fund and Arca Digital Yield Fund. Hassan previously served as International M&A–Senior Manager at KPMG US, where he focused on sourcing, structuring, and analyzing multinational and Private Equity M&A transactions. Hassan is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School, a Master of Laws in Taxation from Northwestern University School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from The University of California, Los Angeles.

Sasha Fleyshman

Sasha Fleyshman

Portfolio Manager 

Sasha is a Portfolio Manager at Arca, focused on identifying niche growth sectors within the digital assets ecosystem. Sasha has been at Arca since the firm’s inception, covering decentralized finance, NFTs, and sports and gaming. Prior to Arca, Sasha worked as a consultant, supporting digital assets strategy and supplying expertise in ventures and inquiries. Sasha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences from The University of California, Santa Cruz

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