About Supermojo

Supermojo is an NFT checkout and custody platform designed to make digital assets more accessible for users. The platform facilitates credit card and point-of-sale financing while providing a custodial NFT wallet experience to make buying and holding NFTs easy.


Many financing problems persist for NFT users, such as the prohibitive costs for entry. Supermojo aims to lower the barriers by providing financing, largely expanding NFT access to a new user base.

No single solution offers a holistic checkout, financing, and custody solution for the NFT market. Supermojo enables a full Web 2.0 e-commerce experience with Web3, allowing users to “pay now” or “pay later.” Additionally, the platform allows users to custody NFTs with Supermojo without downloading a wallet or having to safekeep secret keys.
Supermojo provides B2B solutions, partnering with NFT marketplaces, storefronts, and DAOs to drive improved conversions and increased revenues through superior user experience.


Amir Arhangi, CEO and Founder, is an experienced product executive who most recently led all products and services for Ripple. Previously, he was Co-founder of Jibe, which he sold to Google in 2015, making it the default messaging app on all Android phones (there are now over 1 billion users). Amir started his career at Deloitte and then moved into product management, where he led the consumer division for Vodafone Japan.

Craig DeWitt, Head of Product and Co-Founder, is a longtime Ripple executive who led their payment business build-out, including the initial DEX and stablecoin platforms. Craig has also launched a non-custodial browser wallet and P2P music marketplace. He started his career as a Lead Product Specialist on Structured Products at Bloomberg.