About Lattice

Lattice provides retail and institutional traders a conduit for digital asset liquidity.
The digital asset ecosystem is siloed and dispersed with separate and competing platforms. Lattice provides a holistic marketplace for all buy and sell-side market participants, i.e. market makers, OTC desks, and funds to trade and loan digital assets. Further, Lattice is the first company to offer a “request for quote” solution that enables traders to find asset supplies that meet their needs.
Digital assets need settlement uniformity and automation to increase operational efficiencies. An integrated, one-stop-shop marketplace will create capital efficiency for all market participants.
Lattice’s customers include institutional and retail allocators in need of a clearing and lending solution for digital assets. Lattice’s customers include institutional and retail digital asset allocators.
Founder & CEO, Carson Cook, holds a Ph.D. in Physics & Electrical Engineering. His first start-up, Fractal Wealth, a proprietary algorithmic trading platform uniquely positioned him to recognize the importance of bridging the supply and demand side of digital assets.

Learn more on this Base Layer episode, Carson Cook, Founder of Lattice speaks on creating the Bloomberg Terminal for Digital Assets.
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