About Franklin

Franklin is a hybrid cash and crypto payroll provider. Franklin facilitates tax compliant payments to U.S. employees and contractors globally.


Franklin is the first to market with a fiat and crypto payroll product for U.S. employers. Their focus is ensuring a compliant experience. Franklin handles all local, state and federal withholdings, and generates all of the corporate and worker tax forms reducing back-office responsibilities.

Crypto-native firms lack out-of-the-box financial tools. The market needs native solutions for simple business processes such as payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes, and cap table management. Payroll issues are particularly challenging for Web3 projects, and Franklin’s services simplify the process.
Franklin’s target audience is Web3 founders and employers wishing to offer their employees crypto payments.


Megan Knab, CEO and Co-Founder, is an experienced crypto accountant. She previously served as Vice President of Finance at Serotonin, a Web3 marketing firm and product studio. Megan has been working in crypto accounting back offices for the past six years at companies like DriveWealth and ConsenSys.

Eric Brown, COO and Co-Founder of Franklin. His experience centers around financial product management. Prior to starting Franklin he was the product manager for the institutional desk at DriveWealth and project manager on MunichRe America’s technology transformation team.

Shaan Savarirayan, Co-Founder and CTO, of Franklin is a technology leader with a background in full stack and smart contract development. Before starting Franklin he architected crypto trading systems at DriveWealth and was a developer at Viget.


To learn more, visit the Franklin website, follow them on Twitter, Linkedin and Medium.