About Exponent Network



Exponent Network is a permissionless token equity platform. The platform provides an on-chain cap table and token allocation tooling for startups and DAOs.


Token equity management has not migrated to the digitally native world and continues to be managed off-chain. The lack of transparency in this process poses challenges for pre-token projects raising SAFTs or SAFTEs, as there is no clear way to track how much individuals have contributed. Exponent Network’s platform solves these complexities.

Cap table management has a solution in Web 2. On the flip side, Web 3 companies are still trying to figure out how to approach this and often turn to manual solutions; this is an error-prone and time-consuming method. Exponent Network automates cap table management through smart contracts and enables permissionless token allocation, resulting in improved transparency and accountability.
Exponent Network’s user base consists primarily of founders planning to launch a token or those who already have launched tokens and want to automate token dispersal. The company’s secondary customer group is venture capitalists.

Founder Tolu Salako has over 10 years of product-building experience. He launched his first app in high school and continued to build through college at UC Irvine, where he earned a degree in computer science. Tolu previously worked at Badu Networks, NerdWallet, and most recently at Sonder, where he led engineering efforts across multiple teams to modernize and automate pricing and inventory management for the billion-dollar hospitality company.