About Anzen

Anzen provides loss protection for private credit investors.  The company generates sustainable DeFi yields for use as reserves to cover potential losses arising from defaults.


In private markets, data, accounting, and reporting processes are not standardized. Due to the lack of standardization within the market, there is no way to price protection. Thus, there are currently no private credit protection methods. Anzen will provide this protection by collecting reserve payments leveraging DeFi architecture.

Private credit is a $1 trillion market. Currently, it is an institutional product and not accessible to a retail audience. Anzen is the first DeFi solution to solve this problem, allowing the private market to expand to retail through on-chain smart contracts, resulting in a much larger investor pool.
Anzen works with alternative investment platforms, which utilize Anzen to offer protection on their assets. Anzen’s core customer group is debt investors.


Ben Shyong is a software engineer with experience in consumer web, healthcare, and government. He first encountered crypto in 2014 while building tools for designers and developers to co-create software, share profits, and record their contributions on the blockchain. Ben also built several products with the U.S. Digital Service and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to significantly improve the delivery of essential veteran benefits and services. Ben earned an MBA in Finance from Chicago Booth and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.