About Ansible Labs

Ansible Labs is onboarding the next wave of mainstream crypto users by enabling seamless payouts from crypto wallets into fiat.


Thus far, payment infrastructure has focused on on-ramps; off-ramps have been a second thought and an underserved market. Structuring an off-ramp product is a distinct process from that of an on-ramp as there are different risk models, business models, and compliance procedures. Ansible Labs is laser-focused on off-ramps; because of their diligence, they have created a best-in-class compliance product and partnered with Tier 1 banks to build infrastructure for global crypto payouts.

Specialized off-ramps are needed as on-chain business activity and the creator economy grows. Ansible Labs enables users and Web 3 businesses to instantly receive fiat liquidity in their preferred account by signing a single smart contract, facilitating necessary efficiencies in crypto payout infrastructure.
Ansible Labs’ customers consist of up-and-coming crypto wallets that do not have KYC, with individuals managing their own keys. Their target market includes crypto-native businesses and consumers.


Daniel Mottice is the CEO and Co-founder of Ansible Labs. Before building Ansible, Daniel was a Crypto Product Lead on Visa's Crypto team. He managed the Visa network capability to settle in USDC on public blockchains across all Visa transaction types. Additionally, he oversaw the strategy and development of early-stage crypto-native products that are not yet public. Before joining the Crypto Product team, Daniel worked with his co-founder, Matt Vanhouten, to build, launch, and scale Visa Direct Payouts—an evolution of the Visa Direct Platform that expanded Visa Direct's reach to 3 billion bank accounts globally by combining VisaNet with various other global payment networks (ACH, RTP, RTGS) in 95 countries. Daniel attended Santa Clara University, where he majored in Finance & Economics.

Matt Vanhouten is Head of Product and Co-founder of Ansible Labs. Matt led Visa Direct Platform Strategy and Innovation at Visa, enabling users to use digital currency instead of cash and checks. Visa Direct is Visa’s push payments solution to support real-time P2P payments and disbursements. Previously, Matt led product development for payments and fintech platforms at Wells Fargo, Sipree, and J.P. Morgan.