2022 Digital Asset Industry Outlook (12)
The digital asset ecosystem is characterized by the interaction, interplay, and organization of a variety of forces. Its decentralized nature allows for the alignment of incredibly diverse people and organizations. It is the ultimate marketplace of ideas where its myriad of disparate inputs makes the ecosystem robust and innovative. This also makes it incredibly difficult to predict and interpret, requiring a measured look from multiple disciplines including finance, capital markets, technology, legal, and regulatory, to name a few. In an industry as new as this, collaboration from dissimilar and often contrasting viewpoints is welcomed and crucial to its success.
The team at Arca has been assembled with this in mind. A team whose skills and knowledge are as diverse as the world of digital assets. Diversity of knowledge is not enough though. For a team to truly be great, there has to be excellence at each position and an organizing structure that aligns the various players for maximum effect.
At Arca, we believe that the evolving and dynamic nature of digital assets is best addressed by a collection of experts who interact in a way that is similar to the digital asset ecosystem - egalitarian. In an industry as diverse and nuanced as digital assets, we rely heavily on our industry leaders and their extensive knowledge to create and deliver the right products for the right investor at the right time. This may mean we do not always agree. Often, we engage in lively discussions to develop solutions that are not obvious and would have been difficult for just one person to arrive at. It is an environment I would describe as similar to Abraham Lincoln's cabinet that Doris Kearns Goodwin portrayed in Team of Rivals.
In that spirit, I would like to introduce you to Arca's Team of Industry Leaders. Each of our subject matter specialists have prepared a 2022 digital asset industry outlook for their corresponding area to share with you. We have synthesized our viewpoints to arrive at five overarching themes we agree will take shape in the new year:
Regulation: Regulators will remain slow to finalize legislation, but we can expect some long-awaited decisions, i.e. spot Bitcoin ETF.
Standardization: The ecosystem will settle on common terminology and processes to make the digital asset industry more comprehensive, efficient, and accessible. 
Expansion: Blockchain and digital assets are seeping into all aspects of ordinary life, from secondary education to the arts and sports industries, spreading its functional scope.
Adoption: As blockchain embeds itself into our society through governance, academia, and entertainment, the community will grow and participation is inevitable.  
Opportunity: The introduction of new business models, access to untapped liquidity, and different value accretion and monetization methods will drive continued progression.
We believe the digital asset ecosystem has arrived at the inflection point of exponential growth. When blockchain underpins the convergence of all industries, professions, and individuals it will revolutionize society. The ability for this industry to create change at such a rapid pace is a result of its founding origins - interconnectivity and accessibility. For all of us to benefit from this transformation, we have to embrace and understand it.
The digital asset ecosystem allows people from all walks of life to participate, contribute, and benefit regardless of how they arrived here. At Arca, we try to mirror that inclusivity by seeking out and encouraging talented individuals from an assortment of backgrounds. We think it’s important to look beyond a resume and find people with passion, motivation, and integrity.
Additionally, we value original opinion, open mindedness, and perseverance. The continued growth of our unique product suite relies on our ability to attract talent and provide an environment where dedicated professionals at every level can conduct meaningful work. The concerted efforts of each team member and the original wisdom they bring will support our continued progress towards the fairer and more efficient financial system of the future.
We hope you enjoy the Arca team’s 2022 digital asset industry outlooks.
Onward and upward,
Rayne Steinberg
Arca, CEO & Co-Founder

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