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Lattice is a platform that provides institutional and retail allocators a superior clearing and lending solution for digital assets. 
Lattice’s institutional offering includes cross-custodian settlements, granular permissions, greater settlement networks, and netting effects. The end result is a more efficient market for investors and market participants. Retail offering, Membrane, provides self custody, bi-lateral and approved party cluster settlements, the ability to earn volume-based fees, and an OTC Market.
Lattice is the first to offer a solution that allows a trader to find the supply of assets they wish to purchase, by presenting the most profitable bid and asking prices for a specific asset.
Lattice’s customers include institutional and retail allocators in need of a clearing and lending solution for digital assets. 
Founder & CEO, Carson Cook, holds a Ph.D. in Physics & Electrical Engineering. His first start-up, Fractal Wealth, a proprietary algorithmic trading platform uniquely positioned him to recognize the importance of bridging the supply and demand side of digital assets.
Topics:Connected Trading/ClearingCapital Markets
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