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Bitwave is a SaaS firm that helps all companies that interact with digital simplify their accounting and taxes. 
The company has created an essential operational product needed for institutions to participate in DeFi. Most tax and accounting solutions treat the essential staking function as a cash disposition combined with an acquisition of tokens, which leads to incorrect P&L. Bitwave instead properly reflects staking by treating transactions as capital transfers into liquidity pools.
One of the biggest challenges for corporations to enter the space is understanding how digital assets can fit into their portfolios and manage them alongside traditional assets. By creating these easy-to-use solutions, treasurers, CFOs, and finance team members allows corporations with large balance sheets to allocate thereby further legitimizing the digital asset ecosystem 
Bitwave’s customers include miners like Greenidge Power and Core Scientific, DeFi market makers, such as Opyn, and prominent NFT issuers like Stoner Cats.
CEO Pat White is an experienced software leader and repeat founder who sold his startup Synata to Cisco in 2016. COO Amy Kalnoki worked with Pat previously at Synata, and is an experienced sales leader from technology firms including Cisco.
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