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Reduce volatility of your crypto assets in order to meet payroll and other short-term liabilities

treasury management

Arca Treasury Management

Arca helps companies holding large amounts of cryptoassets ensure that assets are appropriately denominated and invested in the currencies of their short term liabilities, while placing capital earmarked for growth into longer-term crypto investments. 

Experienced Money Managers

The Arca team has decades of experience creating portfolios designed for short-term and long-term liability management. 


Invests in US Treasury Bonds 

Capital earmarked for short-term liabilities is invested in an actively managed basket of  short- duration, AAA-rated bonds that may earn modest return. 


Best-in-Class Service Providers

The Arca team partners with the service providers dedicated to crypto investing to ensure safe and secure management of assets. 


Perfect for firms holding large amounts of cryptoassets. 


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