Friday, May 3 from 11am-12pm ET


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We're reimagining the traditional investor call.

We understand that the crypto asset class is difficult to navigate because it's unlike any other asset class. Not only are digital assets a true marriage of finance and technology, but this industry is still in the process of building the infrastructure investors are accustomed to.

So we decided to create a more collaborative and interactive investor call. Instead of only reviewing our monthly performance or our strategy, we want to answer any questions you might have about the space, including:

  • Market Analysis
  • Infrastructure/Service Provider Questions
  • Stories in the Press 
  • Regulation Clarity 
  • Trends and Themes

Our team has a combined 60+ years of financial services experience managing money across every asset class, through every market cycle. Plus, each partner has co-founded a financial services or fintech company before founding Arca (WisdomTree, Equinox Funds, Harvest Exchange).

We apply this experience to the digital assets space and aim to educate sophisticated investors using the terminology and concepts with which they're accustomed.

Join us on Friday, May 3 from 11am- 12pm ET for a call led by Arca CIO, Jeff Dorman.

All questions will be anonymous

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