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Join us on Thursday January 27th for “Finance on the Blockchain,” one of the first digital asset securities educational events that unites leaders in the blockchain and traditional finance industries. This conference will serve to showcase the transformative solutions that can be deployed by collaborating with institutional industry experts.
Curated and developed by Arca Labs, “Finance on the Blockchain” will bring together tokenization and digital asset securities leaders with incumbent financial firms for an educational and networking event. The conference will focus on the path for institutions to tokenize financial products, the steps needed to transition into the digital age, and address the current roadblocks needed for firms to successfully deploy blockchain-powered financial products.
We are pleased to announce that the day will begin with a keynote presentation delivered by Hester Peirce, Commissioner of the United States SEC and Gabriel Benincasa, Partner at Holland & Knight and Former SEC Chief Risk Officer discussing the SEC’s  perspective on digital assets and digital asset securities. Following this, J. Christopher Giancarlo, Former Chairman of the CFTC, will provide a keynote presentation detailing the history of digital asset securities. 
Arca Labs is happy to be presenting this event in conjunction with other leaders specializing in digital asset securities: INX, Oasis Pro Markets, Securitize, Symbridge, Texture Capital, tZERO, Vertalo.
Join the discussion and develop deeper insights into the transformative power of this industry that will shape the future of finance. 
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Keynote Address: 
Hester Peirce - Commissioner of the U.S. SEC 
Gabriel Benincasa - Partner, Holland & Knight, Former U.S. SEC Chief Risk Officer
The keynote speakers will discuss the SEC’s perspective on digital assets and digital asset securities, focusing on the influential factors shaping today’s regulatory environment for digital asset securities. 
Keynote Presentation: Digital Asset Securities Market Overview  
Christopher Giancarlo -  Former Chairman of the U.S. CFTC
The keynote presentation will detail the history of digital asset securities, examine the current digital asset securities landscape, and will focalize the evolution and future outlook of securities. 
Session 1: ATS Leaders - The Future of Digital Exchange
Alan Silbert - CEO North America, INX
Pat LeVecchia - CEO, Oasis Pro Markets
Richard Johnson - CEO and Founder , Texture Capital
Scott Harrigan - CEO, Securitize Markets
Sean Bowden - CEO and CCO, Symbridge Capital
Alex Vlastakis - President, tZERO ATS
Moderated by: Damanick Dantes, CoinDesk
Experts from the leading Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) will define ATSs, espouse their potential, examine the most pressing challenges for ATSs, and discuss creative solutions to address those challenges. 
Session 2: Why Transfer Agents are Important in Security Issuance 
Dave Hendricks - CEO & Co-Founder, Vertalo
Jay Proffitt - Chief Operating Officer, Securitize Markets
Joshua McGinn- Senior Vice President, Western Region Relationship Management, AST Financial
Paul Conn - President of Global Capital Markets, Computershare
Moderated by: William Coleman - Director of Technology Advisory Services, Cohen & Company
This panel will include Transfer Agents from the digital asset security space and traditional Transfer Agents. The panel will highlight the differences and similarities between TAs in each sphere, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of digital TAs and the blockchain. 
Lunch Presentation: The Future of Securities 
David Easthope - Head of Fintech, Market Structure and Technology, Coalition Greenwich
Rayne Steinberg - CEO & Co-Founder, Arca 
The speakers will present the paper, “Blockchain Transferred Funds (BTFs): The New Frontier for Investment Funds.” Written by Coalition Greenwich in conjunction with Arca, the paper explores the concept of Blockchain Transferred Funds (BTFs) and explains the future state of finance once digital enablement is realized. 
Session 3: Regulation and the Howey Test
Annemarie Tierney -Senior Strategic Advisor, The Chamber of Digital Commerce 
Cathy Yoon - General Counsel, INX
Gautam Gujral - General Counsel & Co-Founder, Vertalo
Moderated by: Bobby Wenner - Chief Legal Officer, Symbridge Capital
The panelists will explore the regulatory momentum surrounding the digital asset securities ecosystem. This panel will discuss the need for clarity and guidance from regulators, and will give their predictions about which regulations in particular will propel the digital asset security space forward.
Session 4: Fireside Chats on Tokenization
Fireside 1: Pioneering the BTF 
Jerald David - President, Arca Labs
Kelley Howes - Vice Chair, Investment Management Practice, Morrison & Foerster
The speakers will share their insights about launching the first tokenized shares of a ‘40 Act Fund, and what it means to bring traditional financial structures and policies into the digital asset ecosystem. 
Fireside 2: International Approach to Digital Asset Securities 
Anthony Bufinsky -  Arca Labs, Head of Growth
Christian Platzer-  Co-Founder and Managing Director, BlackManta Capital
This fireside chat will discuss security issuance from an international standpoint, address international trends, and review the year’s meaningful global digital securities headlines. 
Fireside 3: Blockchain-Enabled Insurance 
Rayne Steinberg - CEO & Co-Founder, Arca
Rocco F Mancini - Vice President, Marsh Captive Solutions at Marsh & McLennan Companies
This fireside chat examine the necessity for digital assets in insurance, and reveal the obstacles hindering adoption of innovative blockchain solutions. This discussion will illuminate the uncharted potential for and benefits of digital asset securities in insurance.
Session 5: Digital Asset Securities Adoption & Roadblocks
Moderated by Owen Lau - CFA, Executive Director, Oppenheimer & Co.
Andrew Czupek - Senior Vice President, Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research,  Northern Trust 
Jennifer Peve - Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Business Development, DTCC
Tom Jessop - President, Fidelity Digital Assets
The conference will conclude with a session presented by leading blockchain executives from large financial institutions. These panelists will consider the hesitancy of many institutions and incumbents to enter the digital asset ecosystem, highlighting the roadblocks to adoption and their vision for the future of the space 
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