FO256 Opening Keynote


What Institutions Will Need to Make the Leap into Crypto

 Keynote by: 
Gabor Gurbacs, Director, Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck
Discussion moderated by:
Justin Schmidt, Head of Digital Asset Markets, Goldman Sachs 

Panelists include:
Rayne Steinberg, CEO and co-founder at Arca 
Josh Deems, Business Development at Fidelity Digital Assets
Laura Edelman, Sales Executive at Bakkt
Steve Kurtz, Head of Asset Management at Galaxy Digital

Family Offices in Crypto: Will Asset Flows Turn Into a Flood

How are Crypto Funds Adjusting Their Approach after 2018?

Discussion moderated by:
Nisa Amoils, Private Investor

Panelists include:
Javier Rodriguez, Portfolio Manager at Aberdeen Inc
David Nage, Principal at Arca
Greg Landegger, Vice President at Parsons & Whittemore, Inc
Lily Liu, Co-Founder at Valor Capital
Benjamin Bronfman, Principal Investor at DGH
Discussion moderated by:
Frank Chaparro, Senior Correspondent at The Block

Panelists include:
Scott Army, Founder and CEO at Vision Hill Advisors
Brooke Pollack, Founder and Managing Partner at Hutt Capital
Alexi Esmail-Yakas, Head of Product at Elwood Asset Management LP

FO256 Lunch Keynote


Crypto Regulation Update: Which Side Are You On?

 Keynote by: 
Anthony Pompliano, Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital
Discussion moderated by:
Rebecca Rettig, Partner at FisherBroyles

Panelists include:
Marco Santori, President & Chief Legal Officer at Blockchain
Josh Klayman, Founder at Klayman, LLC.
Katherine Wu, Director at Messari
Susan Gault-Brown, Partner at Morrison & Foerster
Phil Liu, Chief Legal Officer & Co-Founder at Arca

Digital Gold: Crypto's Role in Guarding Against Market Volatility

How Investors are Participating in Building the Technological Infrastructure of Tomorrow, Today
Discussion moderated by:
Martha Shear, Managing Director at Bitwise Investments

Panelists include:
Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer at Arca
Ateet Ahulwalia, Managing Director at CoVenture;
Arianna Simpson, Managing Director at Autonomous Partners
Tim Young, Founder at Neural Capital
Paul Brodsky, Partner at Pantera Capital
Discussion moderated by:
Tom Shaughnessy, Co-founder and Principal at Delphi Digital

Panelists include:
Linda Xie, Managing Director & Co-founder atScalar Capital
Matt Walsh, Partner at Castle Island Ventures
Eric Meltzer, Partner at Primitive Ventures
Avichal Garg, Managing Partner at Electric Capital
Travis Scher, Vice President at Digital Currency Group

A Bitcoin & Lighting Node, In Your Home


How Blockchain Startups are Building the Financial Plumbing of Tomorrow

Hosted by: 
Jeremy Welch, Founder of Casa Inc.
Discussion moderated by:
Soona Amhaz, Co-Founder & CEO at TokenDaily

Panelists include:
Greg Tusar, Chief Technology Officer at Tagomi
Chen Fang, CEO & Co-Founder at Lumina
Sharon Goldberg, CEO & Co-Founder at Arwen
Ryan Selkis, Founder & CEO at Messari
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