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As part of our collaborative approach to educating investors about the digital assets space, we asked sophisticated investors what they wanted to know about digital assets. 

On May 3, Arca Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Dorman, answered the most popular and pressing questions. 

Questions that were answered in our Investor Q&A included: 

  • How do you expect the crypto asset class to perform in a global risk off environment?
  • How do you invest in anything other than BTC if correlation between digital assets is so high?
  • What are you seeing as the biggest hurdle for institutional investors right now?
  • Institutional Investors have recently publicly invested in digital assets, what are some reasons for this?
  • What are some details of trading action in April including: level, catalysts, etc?
  • Do you believe that "the bottom is in" if so, do you believe that we are likely to see another cycle "top" before the onset of a US recession?
  • What’s your take on the current issues of price discovery in the space?
  • What "keeps you up at night" with respect to crypto investing?
  • If I’m reasonably versed in crypto, what benefit would I get from using you?

Listen to Jeff's answers on our 45-minute call or download our presentation which provides bullet point answers to the questions asked during the call.