The Arca Brand

Welcome to the visual world of Arca. Here we have brand guidelines and downloadable assets to apply the Arca Brand to your own work.

Arca Investments Horizontal Logo

Arca Investments offers investment-grade products that provide sophisticated investors with exposure to the digital asset ecosystem. The product set includes actively managed hedge funds, venture funds, a passively managed Bitcoin Trust, and tokenized funds.

Arca Labs Horizontal Logo

Arca Labs is the innovation arm of Arca focused on energizing traditional financial products and services through integration with blockchain technology to create a smarter, more efficient financial system. Arca Labs LLC does not provide investment advice and does not solicit or offer to sell securities or investment advisory services.

Voice & Tone

Arca’s tone is usually informal, but it’s always more important to be clear than entertaining. When you are writing, consider the reader’s state of mind. Are they confused and seeking help? Or, just reading to learn more about industry trends? Once you have an idea of their emotional state, you can adjust your tone accordingly. Arca has a sense of humor, so feel free to be funny when it’s appropriate and when it comes naturally to you. But don’t go out of your way to make a joke—forced humor can be worse than none at all. If you’re unsure, keep a straight face.

Downloadable Assets

Service Provider Icons_Arca Logo


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Arca Investments Vertical Logo
Arca Labs Vertical Logo
ArCoin Logo


Arcoin Logo →



Between2Chains Logo
Thats Our 2 Satoshis Logo


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Tokenization Talks Logo

Spacing & Size

Clear space is the area surrounding a logo or emblem that must be kept free from all other content, graphics, borders, or other logos. We’re a clean and confident brand. We never crowd our logos and always give them room to breathe and stand out. The clear space around all of our logos is the width of our Arca A. 

Arca Logo Min Size

What Not To Do

When using our Arca brand logos, it is important to always ensure that our brand is represented properly. This means that our logo files should never be manipulated in any way to include a shadow, become distorted, change in color, change in orientation, remove any elements, or outline our logo. Our brand logos are to always remain placed on a clean and legible space.

What Not To Do Arca Brand

Arca Brand Colors

The Arca brand would be nothing without its bold blues. To ensure brand consistency, always use our bold blues and cool grays for all brand collateral. Pantone and CMYK colors should always be used for ordering any printed materials. RGB and Hex colors should always be used for any digital or web materials. 


When representing Arca’s sub-brands, additional colors are added from the previous page to the color palette below. To ensure brand consistency, the below brand colors are only to be used for the corresponding sub-brand. Pantone and CMYK colors should always be used for ordering any printed materials. RGB and Hex colors should always be used for any digital or web materials.


The font for our brand is Poppins which can be downloaded for use license-free through Google Fonts. The Medium and SemiBold weights are our brand copy standards. The font Verdana is to be used only in the event where Poppins is unavailable, such as our HubSpot brand collateral.


Arca's direction in photography moves away from traditional representations of finance to include, bright open spaces in a more casual environment. Images of individuals should represent diversity, lifestyle, and show people performing an action. Abstract textures and arch architectural elements are also used with an open airy feeling of positivity and blue tone.


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*Arca Investments is comprised of two SEC registered investment advisers: Arca Capital Management (adviser to our registered ‘40 act fund) and Arca Investment Management (adviser to Arca’s private funds).