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An SEC-regulated stable coin that pays interest

The Arca UST Coin tokenizes US Treasury Bonds in order to create a regulated, thereby safer, stable coin that pays interest.

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Stable Asset

Investing in short-term US Treasuries bonds, a time-tested safe haven asset, allowing investors to shield themselves from volatile crypto markets. 

Federally Regulated

Currently under review with the SEC, the Arca US Treasury Coin will strictly adhere to the Investment Company Act of 1940, providing the same investor protections seen in today's financial system.

Pays Interest

Unlike other stable coins on the market, the US Treasury Coin will pay interest.

Redeemable to USD

Our coin is redeemable quarterly allowing the investor to move seamlessly between fiat and the US Treasury Coin.

Built on Arca Digital Securities Framework

Arca is tokenizing 40-Act Products enabling better, faster, and more accessible investment products.
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Solving the needs for several audiences


Provides a stable and yield-enhancing way to invest cash that’s more liquid and tradable - without having to revert back to fiat currencies.


Provides a familiar model to dip your toes into digital assets to test out this new asset class while still investing in US treasury bonds.


Provides ability to hold cash in a yield-bearing instrument and send payments without needing banks & money market accounts.


Provides a way to pay everyday expenses related to the company such as rent and salaries, and is removed from volatility.


Provides an alternative to current stable coins by providing a trustworthy place to hold crypto while earning interest.

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