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Making regulated, digitally traded securities a reality

Arca Digital Securities Structure puts the 1940 Investment Act on the blockchain allowing for the regulated tokenization of any asset, liquid or illiquid.

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Why 40-Act Products?

The Investment Company Act of 1940 is considered the single most important piece of regulation for the average investor. Providing the necessary oversight, checks and balances, and requirements for hedge funds, mutual funds and other investment vehicles, the 40-Act basically allows investors to sleep at night, knowing that their investments are safe from fraud.

Allows the ability to create better,
stronger, faster financial products

Accessible to Retail Investors

Registered securities will no longer only be limited to institutional investors and accredited investors opening up an entire new audience for investment products.

Faster & Cheaper Cross-Border Transactions

Provides the ability for cross-border transactions to be faster (currently avg 5 day completion time), cheaper (currently 2-10% transaction fees), and transparent (currently no way to track).

Securitize Previously Illiquid Assets

Investors can liquefy $256T of real-world assets that will turn anything of value into a marketable security and allows for fractual ownership of assets.

Creates New Access Points for Investors

Only a mobile phone is needed to invest in securities thus opening up investment opportunities for 1.7bn unbanked adults.

Safer forms of digital investment products

Our platform strictly adheres to the 1940 Investment Act, the backbone of US financial regulation, providing investors with a peace of mind.

Opens US Securities to Global Investors

Through tokenization, investments into US Securities will not be limited to US citizens and residents opening up a global audience.

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Arca US Treasury Coin

The Arca UST Coin tokenizes US Treasury Bonds using the Arca Digital Securities Platform in order to create a regulated, stable coin that pays interest.


Invests in short-term US Treasuries bonds, a time-tested safe-haven asset, allowing investors to hedge against volatile crypto markets.


Currently under review with the SEC, the Arca US Treasury Coin will strictly adhere to the 1940 Investment Act, providing the strictest investor protections globally.


Unlike other stable coins on the market, the US Treasury Coin will pay interest quarterly.

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